By Neil Carter

A simple remake of the 70s arcade classic Asteroids.

This was intended as a quick project to familiarise myself with parts of the Godot game engine which I hadn't used so far. I wanted to get the whole thing done in a weekend, and that sort of happened if you just add up the hours. In practice, it was about three days of work spread over about a month. Still, it was a good exercise in just getting something done and covering all of the things that are needed to make a complete game. The majority of development time was spent on non-game elements such as the GUI and writing the text for this page!


TurnCursor left/rightA/D
ThrustCursor upW
Fullscreen mode toggleAlt-enter

You can also use a game controller.

Source Code

You can download the Godot project files below. I'm releasing them in the hope that others find them interesting or helpful. I didn't try very hard to be consistent or correct, but I think it's reasonably well made.


Made with Godot: (License)

Font is Space Grotesk by Florian Karsten, available from Google Fonts under the Open Font License.

Sound effects made in ChipTone by Tom Vian.


Download 486 kB
Version 1.0 61 days ago

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